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Project MapAn interactive map view of active projects and programs supported by the Yellowston Park Foundation

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Flora of YellowstoneHighlights the outdoor attractions, activities, and services of the Greater Yellowstone Region

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Eyes on Yellowstone made possible by Canon

CanonAn educational and research program, Eyes on Yellowstone assists with scientific studies in conservation, endangered species protection and cutting-edge technology essential to managing Park wildlife and ecosystems. Eyes on Yellowstone is made possible by generous annual grants from Canon U.S.A., Inc. to the Yellowstone Park Foundation. Canon is the single largest funder of wildlife conservation and research in Yellowstone, providing financial and technical support for the following programs:

Internet Interpretation and Education
Catch an eruption of Old Faithful Geyser on a live streaming webcam. Join Yellowstone rangers highlighting popular topics in a series of web videos. Embark upon an electronic field trip to Yellowstone right from your computer on the Yellowstone National Park website.

Raven's Eye View - Yellowstone Wolves

Raven’s Eye View
Digital photography is a valuable data collection tool for wolf biologists and other scientists monitoring Yellowstone wildlife. Predator-prey relationships, disease evidence, reproduction, and herd size and composition are all documented with state-of-the-art Canon equipment.

Greater Yellowstone Science Learning Center
Visit this portal to information about natural and cultural resources of Yellowstone National Park. Find out about research studies in the Park, download fact sheets, listen to sound clips, and more!

Yellowstone Science Magazine
The quarterly Yellowstone Science magazine reports on Yellowstone-based scientific research and brings the wonder of the Park to readers worldwide. Articles written by researchers range from art history to microbiology in language accessible to the layperson.

Bighorn Sheep - Yellowstone National Park
YPF Photo/Matt Ludin

Study on Climate Change and High Mountain Ungulates
Yellowstone is home to native bighorn sheep and nonnative mountain goats, both sensitive to climate change. Understanding effects of climate change on food availability, competition, disease, and displacement of bighorn sheep by mountain goats is a key focus of research.

Yellowstone Environmental Stewardship Fellowship Program
Each year, Georgia Tech Research Institute undergraduate and graduate students with engineering and management expertise come to Yellowstone to assist with water conservation, energy use reduction, and other projects of The Greenest Park Initiative.


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