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Tomorrow's Stewards

The Yellowstone Park Foundation supports projects that promote the understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of Yellowstone among the next generation. 


Native American Cross Cultural Exchange

Native American Cross Cultural Exchange

Yellowstone National Park is a landscape of diverse cultural histories. Yellowstone's seven affiliated Treaty Tribes are an integral part of this history. Many of them, especially tribal youth, lack financial resources to visit Yellowstone. A successful Native American Cross Cultural Exchange Project provided travel, lodging, and scholarships for a group of youth, elders, and chaperones from one of Yellowstone's seven Treaty Tribes per year to attend a five-day camp in the Park. With input from tribal elders and consultants, Park education and ethnography staff designed a program of site visits and activities. This opportunity allowed tribal youth and elders to view wildlife, experience Yellowstone's unique geological features, meet with Park staff, and connect Yellowstone to their own cultural identity.

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YCC Facility Improvement Project

YCC Facility Improvements

The dormitory facility for Yellowstone Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) enrollees, in Mammoth Hot Springs, was built in 1975-76. Until recently, it was really showing its age: torn carpeting being held together with duct tape, and wallpaper dating back to the ‘70s. The YCC Facility Improvement Project allowed Yellowstone staff to give the Mess Hall a facelift in 2011, with new flooring, fresh paint, and the creation of a small corner office for YCC seasonal staff. All were very welcome improvements for the hardworking program participants and employees!