Strategic Initiatives and Current Projects

The Yellowstone Park Foundation works closely with the National Park Service to identify Yellowstone's immediate needs and long-term funding challenges. To help accomplish this mission, YPF funds projects under six distinct initiatives. By investing in the following Strategic Initiatives, and if we take the same visionary action that created the Yellowstone we love today, your support can preserve an extraordinary Yellowstone that lasts forever.

Projects relating to wildlife, geology, science, the ecosystem, and education to preserve natural resources

Current Projects:

Native Fish Conservation Program

Bear Boxes for Campgrounds

Raptor Initiative

Wolf Programs

Wolf Field Education Project

Yellowstone Cougars

American Pika

Wildlife Health Project

Managing Bison Project

Projects that enhance the visitor experience, including education, recreation, safety, and accessibility

Current Projects:

Trails Fund Initiative

Wildlife and Visitor Safety Project

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Overlooks

Old Faithful Haynes Photo Shop

Projects that protect, preserve, research, or share information about Yellowstone’s human history and cultural resources

Current Projects:

Yellowstone Archives Blitz

Snake River Archaeology

Projects that promote the effectiveness, safety, and efficiency of rangers, and preserves the rich tradition of rangers in Yellowstone

Current Projects:


Search, Observe and Report

Bechler Trail Removal

Security Systems for Entrances

Campground Host Golf Carts

Bertram Boat Restoration

Yellowstone Corral Projects

Projects that reduce Yellowstone’s ecological footprint, increase operational efficiency, and better preserve environmental resources

Current Projects:

Solar System at Lamar Buffalo Ranch

Lamar Micro-Hydro

Stephens Creek Nursery Greenhouse

Backcountry Cabin Lighting

Water Management and Fleet Analysis

Energy Monitoring Improvements

Mammoth Lighting Improvements

Projects that promote the understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of Yellowstone among the next generation

Current Projects:

Expedition: Yellowstone!

Youth Conservation Corps (YCC)

Junior Ranger Program

Yellowstone Young Scientist

Wildlife Olympics

Distance Learning

Yellowstone to You

Park Journeys

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