Greenest Park

Greenest Park

Yellowstone has long been a leader in natural and cultural resource management. But the Park uses an enormous quantity of fossil fuel and treated water, and generates a tremendous amount of solid waste in serving 3 million annual visitors. The Yellowstone Park Foundation supports projects that reduce Yellowstone's ecological footprint, increase operational efficiency, or better preserve environmental resources.


Upcoming Projects

With sustained funding, the Yellowstone Park Foundation will be able to address the Park’s emerging and anticipated needs in the area of Environmental Sustainability, such as the following projects that are part of Greenest Park Initiative:

  • Solar Energy - With the advent of new technologies, there is a growing list of applicable sites in the Park for solar energy. With the Yellowstone Park Foundation's support, Yellowstone will phase in solar electricity and hot water technology for an annual savings of 450,000 kilowatts and $170,000.
  • Recycling in the Park - Ninety recycling bins are located throughout Yellowstone to collect aluminum, steel, cardboard, glass, paper, and plastic. However, improvements are needed to make collection easier, more efficient, and more user-friendly. With the Yellowstone Park Foundation's support, the Park will improve recycling sites to make it easier for staff and visitors to recycle waste. Signage will also be enhanced so that recycling receptacles are easily distinguished from those for non-recyclable waste.

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