Greenest Park Initiative

Water Conservation

2016Centennial Goal:  By 2016, Yellowstone National Park will reduce water consumption by 15%.

In 2007, Yellowstone produced more than 285 million gallons of drinking water and treated an equal amount of wastewater.

Through the Greenest Park Initiative, the Park will implement water conservation practices and education programs.

Water use awarenessWater Use Awareness

With thousands of employees and millions of annual visitors using water in the Park, consumption is high. An education and awareness campaign will encourage water conservation and fundamental behavioral change among staff and visitors alike.

With the Yellowstone Park Foundation’s support, the Park will implement a water conservation outreach and education program, which could result in 13 million gallons of water saved each year.

Water meteringWater Metering

With proper modeling, the Park can track water-use patterns and identify areas where conservation measures are needed most.

With support from Unilever and the Yellowstone Park Foundation, the Park will partner with college and graduate interns from Georgia Tech Research Institute to develop a real-time water metering model. The model will allow water use to be monitored and will predict the impact of water conservation measures.