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Sponsor a bear box today!

Preventing bears from obtaining human foods is one of the top priorities of Yellowstone's wildlife managers. Bears that gain access to human food eventually become more aggressive toward humans, and may need to be removed from the population.

Fortunately, there is a solution. The use of large, bear-proof storage containers, or "bear boxes" is a proven method to prevent bears from becoming conditioned to human foods. However, less than 25% of the campsites in roadside campgrounds — the most likely place for a Yellowstone bear to obtain food — currently have bear boxes for safe food storage.

You can help make the Park safer for visitors and bears! Now, the Yellowstone Park Foundation is offering individuals and groups a unique opportunity to Sponsor a Bear Box.

Gifts of any amount toward this important effort are greatly needed and sincerely appreciated. When you make any size contribution toward the purchase of a bear box, you will receive all the great benefits of being a Friend of Yellowstone. Plus, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are playing a direct role in protecting Yellowstone's magnificent bears.

Crowdfunding for Bear Boxes

To jump start this effort, YPF has started its first-ever crowdfunding campaign to raise money for bear boxes in Yellowstone. Crowdfunding is a fun and effective way to get your friends and family involved in a cause you care deeply about.

Simply go to www.crowdrise.com/welovebears, watch the video, and get involved. You can donate directly to YPF’s Bear Box Fund, or create your own fundraiser to sponsor a bear box.

Learn how to Fundraise to Sponsor Your Own Bear Box!

Utilize this Sample Fundraising Email to send to family and friends.

For each $1,500 in contributions, Yellowstone will install a bear box in a Park campground. Thanks to generous donations, we have already raised enough funds for the Park to purchase more than 130 boxes, and the Park needs more than 1,000 to eventually cover all of the roadside campsites.

Yellowstone Grizzly Profile   Bear Box Install
Right: Members of the Yellowstone Youth Conservation Corps, a YPF supported program, install a bear box at Tower Fall Campground.

With your $1,500 Bear Box Sponsorship, you will receive:

  • Your name, or your group's name, engraved on a 4" x 6" plate that is permanently affixed to a bear box in a Yellowstone campground.
  • Your name, or your group's name, posted on our bear box sponsors page online.

For more information about the bear box program contact:

Paul Reichert
Yellowstone Park Foundation
222 East Main Street, Suite 301
Bozeman, MT 59715

Phone: 406.586.6303


Sponsor a bear box today!

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