Yellowstone Gift Guide

Are you searching for meaningful holiday gifts? Whether you need a unique present for a wildlife or Yellowstone National Park enthusiast, have a hard-to-buy person on your list, or want a gift that has lasting value, we’ve got something for everyone in our latest Yellowstone Gift Guide.


moose wolf trout plush

Adopt a Yellowstone Animal, $50 - $60

Animal Adoptions are an excellent holiday gift! Not only will you be making a contribution to Yellowstone, your gift will help raise awareness about the protection of Yellowstone's spectacular wildlife. Your choices this year include the the majestic gray wolf, the always cuddly moose, and last but not least, the colorful and iconic Yellowstone cutthroat trout.


My Yellowstone T-ShirtMy Yellowstone T-Shirt - Create Your Own Customized Yellowstone Gifts!

Find great gift ideas and new ways to show off your favorite photos of Yellowstone by visiting YPF’s brand new website My Yellowstone T-shirt!  20% of the proceeds directly support Yellowstone!



Bear with bear box during testingSponsor a Bear Box, $1,100

Are you looking for a unique gift that plays an important role in bear conservation? Help make the park safer for visitors and bears by sponsoring a bear box. These bear-proof storage containers are proven to keep food away from curious and hungry bears. For each $1,100 contribution, Yellowstone will install a bear box in a Park campground with a plaque displaying the sponsor or honoree’s name. Learn more or Sponsor a Bear Box today>>

YPF's Official Guide to YellowstoneMichelin Guide to Yellowstone National Park, $9.95

A memorable vacation always starts with a bit of pre-planning. YPF, Michelin, and Oce´, a Canon Group Company, teamed up to create the "Official Guide to Yellowstone National Park". Proceeds from the guide will benefit the work of the Yellowstone Park Foundation. More information about the guide and these special corporate partnerships can be found here.


Tom Murphy 2014 Yellowstone CalendarTom Murphy 2014 Calendar - A Year in Yellowstone, $17.95

Renowned wildlife and nature photographer, Tom Murphy, has come out with another beautiful Yellowstone calendar for 2014. Its elegant style, combined with incredible images of Yellowstone landscapes and wildlife, make for a perfect gift for any nature or Yellowstone enthusiast. You can purchase this from his website here.

Become a YPF Fundraiser!Become a Yellowstone Fundraiser!

Charitable giving has become a holiday tradition, with over 1/3 of all donations occurring in the final weeks of the year.  Help increase support for YNP during this special time of year by becoming a YPF Fundraiser!  In a few simple steps, you can create your own YPF Fundraising Webpage to support a YPF Project of your choice.  Share your website with friends and family or make a public page to reach your fundraising goal!  Check out what other YPF fundraiser’s are supporting and create your own page here!


Pendleton "Colter" Yellowstone blanket

Colter Edition Yellowstone Blanket, $314

John Colter, famed Yellowstone explorer and member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition would have kept toasty warm on winter nights with this blanket wrapped around him. This 64”x 84”,100% wool keepsake blanket is signed by one of Colter’s direct descendants, and Pendleton is donating $45 for each blanket sold to the Yellowstone Park Foundation. Click here to go to Pendleton's website>>


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