College Road Trip

College Road Trip
College Road Trip

A cross country trek to Yellowstone Park!

The following Yellowstone story was shared by a Yellowstone Park Foundation website visitor.


In 1999 I was a college student and decided to drive cross country and of course Yellowstone National Park was one of the many National Parks I hoped to visit. I was amazed when I drove in because to me Yellowstone is the park that I think of when I hear National Parks and I am from the northeast so it always felt so far away as a child.

As a history geek I tried to imagine what the early explorers must of thought as they made their way around and then stumbled upon Old Faithful. I arrived just in time to see Old Faithful in all its glory and right on schedule. I loved it because I can never keep a schedule yet over my stay I was able to see it 3 or 4 times right when predicted.

During the drive around I saw a sign for the Continental Divide which I vaguely remembered learning about in high school so I had to dig out my tour book and learn about it.

I think the beauty and educational opportunities in this park are indescribable and now as a mom, I can't wait until my children are old enough to return with me so we can hike and bike around this national treasure.


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