Stalking His Prey

Stalking His Prey
Stalking His Prey

How a wolf helped me capture the perfect photo.

The following Yellowstone story was shared by a Yellowstone Park Foundation website visitor.


For Christmas one year my husband enrolled me in a three day photography class held in Yellowstone Park and taught by Tom Murphy. The class was held the next summer and the first morning of our class Tom and his pupils loaded the bus early in the morning and headed out to take pictures. We spotted a Golden Eagle just landing so the bus driver stopped and we got out to watch. All of us were hoping he'd fly so we could get an "action shot" but he just sat on the log for what seemed forever.

Finally a wolf came to our rescue by stalking the eagle, not even noticing all of us novice photographers. The eagle let him get as close as he dared and then flew off - I was able to get both the eagle and the wolf in one photo. I considered myself very lucky to even see a wolf and Golden Eagle; but to get a photograph of them together was priceless.


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