Our first yellowstone vacation

Our first yellowstone vacation
Our first yellowstone vacation

A bonding and educational experience for our family

The following Yellowstone story was shared by a Yellowstone Park Foundation website visitor.


In my youth, I never had experienced a family vacation beyond visits to relatives homes. After having children, my husband and I decided it was important for our girls to experience different places outside of our home state of Colorado. We selected Yellowstone because of the learning opportunities it could present. Yellowstone would allow my girls to have fun while learning about wildlife, volcanic activity, and see historic landmarks.
Our girls were fascinated with the geysers and fumoroles, and simply couldn't get enough!
It was a great opportunity to get away from all of our electronics, hectic lifestyle, and tv, and let them experience and see things about Yellowstone they had only seen on Discovery channel or Animal Planet. It really helped them make the connections to nature, and as a family helped us to really connect.


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