A Family Tradition

A Family Tradition
A Family Tradition

My fondest memories in Yellowstone with my family and a bison.

The following Yellowstone story was shared by a Yellowstone Park Foundation website visitor.


Our family vacation in 1988 was to Yellowstone National Park. My dad drove there with his family in the 50s and it was a vacation that he had always reminisced about so much, we were all looking forward to it.

Even though forest fires broke out before we left, it didn't stop us - we were ready to see the bears, and of course, Old Faithful, that my dad had been talking about for years.

My family and I all have the same favorite memories of Yellowstone: having to drive 120 extra miles through Idaho to get to a different entrance of the park because of the fires (at least I can say I have been to Idaho!), looking for bears,  and getting stuck in traffic because of bison on the road - it was quite an experience! But my most vivid memory is waking up in our cabin and there was a bison right outside our door. We were trapped!! None of us remember how or who got the buffalo to leave, but we remember being trapped - together. I get a little nervous just talking about it now, I am a city girl, through and through, but it definitely was an experience we'll never forget!

We took several family vacations as I grew up, but Yellowstone was by far the best and the most memorable. Yellowstone is something that everyone should be lucky enough to experience - if you are lucky, you can go more than once in a lifetime.


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